Project: Celebrate Magazine (Summer issue) 

Client: Sobeys / Tavanberg

A summer entertaining guide to help Sobeys customers celebrate Canada's sesquicentennial. We worked closely with Sobeys and Tavanberg to create a welcoming and mouth-watering magazine by developing a casual shooting style and elegant design approach.

Project: Holistic Parent Magazine

Client: Wiltshire Media

We produce the Holistic Parent magazine alongside Wiltshire Media. Page layout, commissioning photo shoots and illustrations as well as on-set art direction are some of the responsibilities.

Project: inBusiness Magazine / The Next Million Magazine

Client: KPMG Enterprise

Working closely with the custom content team at the Globe and Mail, we created a small business magazine with a fresh look and feel. Bold colours and unexpected photography and illustrations made this project stand out in the world of business magazines.

Project: Style Advisor Magazine

Client: The Globe and Mail

We produced the Style Advisor magazine under the direction of the art and editorial team at the Globe and Mail. Page layout, commissioning photo shoots and illustrations as well as on-set art direction were some of the responsibilities. 

Project: Ontario Homebuilder Magazine

Client: Ontario Homebuilders Association / Laurel Oak Marketing

The Ontario Homebuilders Magazine is the association's primary communication tool with their members. We have worked hard to keep the magazine visually engaging — a magazine that feels more like a consumer magazine than a trade magazine.


Our team has been working in custom publishing for the past 20 years. We've seen the changes in the industry and evolved with the times. There has never been a better time for customer engagement in print. Custom magazines are still a growth industry—one of the best ways to connect customers to brands. We have wide-ranging expertise, from fashion and luxury brands to business and food. 

We offer a full service custom content package: we work closely with you to develop engaging content—we can write, edit, translate, illustrate or photograph, design and prepare for print or web. 

Have a look at some of our award-winning work. When you're ready, give us a call. We'd love to discuss your project with you. 

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