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The Ask

College Promenade, despite boasting some of the finest shops and restaurants in the city, lacked presence as a Toronto neighbourhood. They asked us to provide a new identity and ideas on how to start growing and engaging customers, as a BIA.

Our Solution

During a research phase we uncovered insights about the area's customer base and how the BIA might better serve it's businesses and neighbourhood. This started with giving the BIA and neighbourhood an identity. Using the silhouette of the areas arched windows, we developed a flexible identity system that literally reframed College Promenade by highlighting businesses, amenities, and events.

College Promenade
Visual Identity

Discovering a Toronto neighbourhood just outside your window.


College Promenade BIA


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Re-working the College Promenade visual identity in response to audience research and to better reflect its higher-end businesses.

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College Promenade is a Toronto neighbourhood that runs along College Street from Shaw Street to Havelock Street.

After a thorough market analysis which included public canvassing and business questionnaires, the College Promenade BIA realized the public was not aligned with how the neighbourhood viewed itself.  Much of the feedback, while not surprising, confirmed the BIA’s fears — the general public didn't know where the neighbourhood was in the city, what kind of shops it had to offer or how to get there. With some of Toronto’s best restaurants, shops and amenities, College Promenade needed to come out of the shadows as an unknown neighbourhood and be celebrated for everything it has to offer.


Building from their existing branding, we introduced a new design system around an arched window frame that echoes the architectural details of the neighbourhood. The frame allows for the use of messaging or imagery while staying cohesive and simple to use (an essential need of the client). Additionally, the window frame provides a way for the BIA to leverage the imagery of the businesses to support the neighbourhood brand itself.

Along with the updated identity, we provided social media strategies and kits for businesses to understand how the neighbourhood brand should be incorporated into their social media marketing and become brand ambassadors.