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The Ask

The Mastercard Foundation works with visionary organizations to enable young people in Africa and in Indigenous communities in Canada to access dignified and fulfilling work. MCF needed help broadening their social strategy and content.

Our Solution

Our goal and challenge was not only to provide compelling social media content, but to present MCF in a way that reflects the talent and potential of African and Canadian POC communities. We developed signature image treatments, layouts, and templates that work to unify MCF's social media messaging while making use of their original assets. Using our established visual style, we made MCF's content easier to digest, contemporary, and flattering.

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Digital Content

Amplifying stories of resilience and growth from Indigenous and West African youth.


Mastercard Foundation


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Through custom treatments and artwork, we brought MFC’s brand, initiative and insights to life online to increase awareness.

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At its core, the Mastercard Foundation is deeply committed to fostering change and empowering lives, with a special focus on indigenous communities and nations across Africa. The foundation's work encompasses a range of initiatives, from advancing education and financial inclusion to supporting youth employment and entrepreneurship. In these communities, the foundation's efforts are not just about providing resources, but also about nurturing sustainable growth, cultural preservation, and self-sufficiency.

In a world where social media is a powerful tool for storytelling and community-building, the Mastercard Foundation's challenge was to effectively communicate its impactful work within these specific communities. The goal was to create a digital narrative that not only informed but also engaged and inspired a global audience, bridging cultural and geographic divides.


Bringing awareness to MCF’s empowerment of Indigenous and West African youth.

To meet this challenge, Made by Emblem stepped in with a tailored approach for the Mastercard Foundation’s Instagram account. The strategy was to showcase the foundation's work in indigenous and African communities through a series of focused digital campaigns and content. This involved highlighting individual stories of empowerment, community achievements, and the tangible impacts of the foundation's programs.

Made by Emblem’s content for these campaigns was crafted to be visually engaging and culturally respectful, ensuring that each post honoured the spirit and context of the communities it represented. The studio used a mix of imagery, narratives, and data to illustrate the foundation’s role in facilitating education, entrepreneurship, and empowerment initiatives. By doing so, they brought to light the unique challenges and triumphs of individuals and communities touched by the foundation's work.