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The Beer Store, Ontario's top destination for beer since 1927, was interested in adjusting its public perception. They were looking for support in creating new social media strategies tailored to updated customer profiles. Though The Beer Store carries several brands, they needed to keep the marketing brand agnostic.

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In partnership with Tavanberg, a content marketing agency, we crafted solutions that engaged new segments through: recipes produced and shot in-house, new visual styles for photography and illustration, and original video content. To keep the marketing brand agnostic, we created social media campaigns around the history of the company that proved successful with new and established customers.

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Polished and playful content to update The Beer Store’s digital presence for a new era.


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Nick Paddison

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To help the beer store engage new and established customer segments, we redefined its digital presence and brand personality by providing the historic retailer with refreshed and trendy content as well as campaigns that reanimated its retro branding.

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The Beer Store (TBS), has been an iconic destination for beer in Ontario since 1927. In 2015, a limited number of private retail brands were granted permission to sell also alcohol. Despite the brand equity built with customers over decades, TBS was now facing new challenges in competing with sellers who might be more convenient to beer drinkers, especially in higher-density areas. Now, under threat of the limit of private beer sellers being lifted and alcohol being even more freely available, The Beer Store was searching for solutions to help maintain its status as a top-of-mind retailer.

While the brand boasts an immensely loyal segment of its customer base, some segments essential to growth and relevance were being ignored or under-served. Namely, segments that skewed younger than the loyalists, who are social media literate, and who are likely to live in cities. Additionally, in marketing to its customers, TBS could not show or name the beer brands it carries and needed to stand alone, further complicating the retailer’s challenge. In summary, The Beer Store needed help answering the question: How do we connect with a younger, digital-first audience who have access to alternative retail options for beer?


"How do we connect with a younger, digital-first audience who have access to alternative retail options for beer?"

This was an opportunity for The Beer Store to refine its brand personality and find ways to offer value to a new era of customers. We directed and produced design, illustration, and photography aligned to contemporary trends to shift the perception of TBS from ‘your dad’s beer run spot’, to a lively, colourful, and people-focused brand. New recipes and recipe videos were crafted to offer more value and begin the transformation into The Beer Store as an accessible lifestyle voice.

In 2022 we created close to 1000 pieces of branded content redefining the public’s opinion of The Beer Store. Negative sentiment decreased by 64%, 25% and 17% on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram respectively. Engagement on Instagram was over 10x the average rate for alcohol brands on the platform and reach increased by over 43%.

10x higher engagement rate

than the average for alcohol brands on Instagram

"More than your dad’s beer run."